Swimming for Everyone

Children of the Sound Swim and Play offers Aquatic ABA Therapy and Swim Instruction with ABA Therapists at our Norwalk, Wallingford and Hamden locations. 

Features of Our Unique Aquatic Program

1:1 Instruction

Individualized Programming

Incorporates IEP Goals and Objectives

Data Collection and Progress Reports

Life Saving Swim Instruction

*This program may be covered by Insurance or DDS funding*

Benefits of the Water

  • Being in the water provides a neutral enviroment
    • Sometimes children have a negative association with desks, tables, and spaces that signal "work."
  • It's Warm!
    • We keep our pools at 88 degrees. This allows children to feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • It's Fun!
    • Being in the water welcomes gross motor movement and activity. No pressure to sit still.
  • Natural Sensory Intergration
    • The subtle even pressure of the water against a child's body provides sensory input that can compete with stereotypy, or other sensory seeking behaviors, and allows for him/her to focus better.

How does it work?

Initial Meeting: This meeting is scheduled with the Adaptive Program Director and ABA Therapist prior to instruction. We will create and Individualized Swim Therapy Program combining relevant current IEP goals and objectives with life saving swim goals and objectives. (outside service providers are welcome to attend as well)

Therapy Lessons: Your child will work 1:1 with an ABA Therapist on the goals and objectives outlined in the Individualized Swim Therapy Program. Our initiative is to adapt lesson programming within the natural environment to create productive leaning space. Progress data will be taken during each lesson.

Progress Reporting: A meeting will be set up with the Adaptive Program Director and the ABA Therapist half way through, and at the end of the session to review progress on individual goals and objectives. These meetings will help create future goals and objectives. 

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